Attractive packaging is without a doubt one of the most effective ways in which to market your products. With a wide range of different packaging solutions available, businesses of all kinds can take advantage.

One type of packaging that is growing in popularity for liquid, food and non-food products is pouches. Amongst the different kinds of pouches, stand up and pillow pouches, are the most popular types available on the market.

Stand up pouches usually come with a tear off seal with a zip-lock seal underneath it, allowing the user to seal or reopen when required. However, they can also be designed to utilise a plastic cap making them perfect for liquid packaging. Stable and secure, they can be displayed upright on store shelves. They are affordable yet offer an attractive look and can be used for premium products to great effect. As a hugely versatile packaging solution, they are perfect for use with a wide range of products in almost any setting.

Pillow pouches on the other hand have been around for much longer. They are the most common of the lot and are generally more economical. They are a fantastic all-round packaging solution, frequently used for all types of consumables, including food. Although economical, the main drawback here is that they do not stand up straight and cannot be displayed as well as the stand-up pouches.

·   If you want to make use of your pouches as a marketing tool, stand up pouches!
·   If you want an economical alternative, a pillow pouch fits the bill.
·   If your product is such that it does not finish in one go, stand up pouches with a zip lock are well suited.
·   For a one-time snack, a pillow pouch makes more sense.

The choice of the type of pouch more or less depends on the product and how you want to market the product. At Harkwell Labels Ltd., as one of the leading label companies in the South of England, we can provide all kinds of pouches packaging, labels and more, meeting the needs of your business. Please look around our website for more information on our services and get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss how we can assist your business.