Sequential Labels In Their Hundreds And Thousands

Personalised labels are offered by Harkwell. Harkwell can print personalised labels in large batches of hundreds of thousands. Personalised labels have many uses for brands or conventional informative labels. Personalised labels use a sequential printing process in which different information is printed on each label. To produce personalised labels Harkwell require a database with the personalised information that is to be printed on the labels.

Informative personalised labels have been used for years by companies to communicate to their customers on packaging. Personalised labels can be created on all of Harkwell available material types, finishes and styles.
The Personalised revolution in label printing is here with HP Indigo digital presses. Personalised Label printing led to one of Coca Cola’s most successful marketing campaigns in their history. The 2014 share a coke campaign utilised

Coca-Cola’s hugely successful ‘Share a Coke’ campaign for summer 2013 was one of the most talked about campaigns in history. ‘Share a Coke’ showcased thousands of names on each cola can or bottle meaning over 80% of the population will be able to find their personalised pack in store. Multi-packs means that these can be shared among friends and family. Giving the product added value. Online sales increased as customers cold log-on and gift cans a bottles to loved ones driving sales up ever further.

We can add value to your product using this technique…. the options really are endless!

Personalised label printing using HP Indigo digital presses. One of the attributes for the success of the campaign was the connection to millennial’s on a personal level, these consumers place high value on self-expression and individual story telling through social media.

Personalised labels also have many uses such as informative uses, personalised labels offer the ability for businesses to communicate on an individual level to their customer. Personalised labels can be used to label a tangible object to a consumer through ID codes, name, addresses the limits really are endless.

For a no obligation quote for personalised labels enter the contact us form on the website or give us a call for more information. Harkwell Labels have a dedicated team which are happy to assist in your label requirements from quoting to advice on what personalised labels will be best for your business uses.