At Harkwell we are at the forefront of the label manufacturing industry thanks to our innovation and high quality products. Alongside the range of labels that we manufacture, our latest fantastic addition to our product offering is pouches. We have a wide range in different shapes and sizes. Not only are these perfect for merchandising a range of products but are also great for sample marketing if you are still testing the waters.

Pouches are multifunctional as they help you maximise the shelf space while also offering a memorable product with superb quality and captivating digital printing. The stand-up pouches for instance offer flexible packaging and remain steady on the shelf when filled.

The spout pouches, for example, have become one of the most popular packaging items currently being used for liquid or viscous products such as foods, drinks, chemicals and even cosmetics. These are perfect for powerful branding and product presentation.

If you are looking for cost-effectiveness, easy portability and maximising shelf space, pillow pouches are a good option. The food industry loves these as no other pouches can keep the food as fresh and crisp right until the pouch is opened. These are light weight and easier to manufacture in comparison to cans, which essentially means less manufacturing costs. The scope for experiment is awesome, giving you an opportunity to create a better brand identity.

Our design team can help develop the right dimensions and spout pouch for your product. Whether you are a small start-up testing the market or a large business looking to improve your current brand image, a good quality pouch can help boost sales in today’s competitive market.

If you are looking for variable designs in vibrant eye-catching details, get in touch with us today! Our digital print design team will make sure that you get the best solution for your product.