Harkwell Labels Ltd are very pleased to be the first company in the UK to buy HP Indigo 8000!

The HP Indigo 8000 is the most productive digital narrow-web label press in the industry, designed to handle even the longest and most demanding jobs. The economics of the HP Indigo 8000 enable converters to reshape their business and move towards full digital production.

High resolution printing. HP Indigo’s liquid electrophotography (LEP), using HP Indigo ElectroInk with minute ink particles, delivers crisp linework, attractive images and smooth vignettes with a very thin ink layer that gives uniform gloss between the ink and substrate.
Widest digital colour gamut. Use up to 7 ink stations to take advantage of the extensive colour gamut. Emulate PANTONE® colours on press using CMYK or HP IndiChrome’s 6- or 7-colour process. True spot colours can be mixed o -press with the HP IndiChrome Ink Mixing System or ordered for outstanding Pantone-approved solids.
One Shot technology. All colour separations are laid down simultaneously in a single pass on the substrate, for accurate and repeatable colour-to-colour registration, including on heat- sensitive materials.
Colour management. The Colour Automation Package guarantees standards-matching colour accuracy and consistency via closed-loop, fully monitored control. Built-in spectrophotometers and software tools simplify colour management and eliminate the need for expensive software, hardware and manual calibration processes. Create colour pro les and match PANTONE® colours in a simple, precise process. Hit the right colour from the first to the last label, across Indigo presses, sites and time.