Check out our festive pouches!

Festive AND recyclable!

When choosing the correct packaging for your product, visual appeal is very important, and plays a huge role in attracting potential customers. Pouches offer ample space for eye catching designs, bright colours, and exciting graphics – making the biggest impact, jump off the shelf and into the customer’s basket!

The flexibility of pouches enables unique shapes and sizes to give your product the distinctive look you’re after. This visually appealing packaging differentiates your brand from the others, increasing visibility and enticing costumers to your product over competitors.

🎄 Five reasons to switch to pouches in 2024! 🎄

🎁 Reduce food waste. Keep your product safe with our multi layered pouches that keep oxygen and light out, and food in.

🎁 Cost Efficient. Rigid packaging costs three to six times more per unit compared to flexible packaging. Printed folding cartons cost twice as much as flexible packaging.

🎁 Versatile. Pouches designed to your specs. Choose the size, shape, closure options. We tailor to you!

🎁 Lightweight. Pouches are compact, robust, and lightweight.

🎁 Less to landfill. Harkwell offer a range of compostable and recyclable pouch options.



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