Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. And stickers are certainly one of these! If you have ever thought that stickers are only for kids, well think again! There is a reason why even global brands like Apple often utilise stickers on their products and packaging!

Although stickers have been around for a good two hundred years, they are still high on the list of favourite marketing tools even today! From your personal electronic devices to the streets you walk through, stickers are everywhere!

Using your branded stickers can help reinforce your marketing strategies. Custom stickers make sure that your brand is seen more often and the more it is seen by your customers, the more they will remember it.

If you have a new product, create some related custom printed stickers that can be easily applied anywhere, and it will work towards increasing brand loyalty and awareness! Stickers offer a low-cost and high-impact marketing and advertising tool.

When you put so much sweat and tears into establishing your brand, you should certainly be showing it off. And colourful, vibrant stickers is one of the best ways of showing it off in front of your target audience.

If you have an idea and you want to make sure it sticks, Harkwell Labels can offer bespoke designed customised sticker sheets. Whether it’s a recurring order or a one-off promotional event, we are always happy to help! We will make sure that your brand reaches as many people as possible with our quality customised stickers.

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