Harkwell Labels has invested in the first new Omega Digicon Series 3 finishing line to be supplied into the UK market.

The addition of the Digicon Series 3 to Harkwell’s existing finishing technology increases the company’s capacity by over 40 percent and is the final element to a one million-plus GBP investment program during 2014 that has also included the addition of a second digital label printing press.

AB Graphic said the Digicon Series 3, launched earlier this year, includes features that provide greater flexibility and speed to Harkwell Labes’ finishing process, including fully automatic set-up for scissor slitting knives plus higher speed and accuracy.

In addition, an in-line de-laminating and re-laminating system allows for adhesive printing and up to three-page peel and reseal – all produced at high speed in a single pass.

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