Glow In The Dark Labels

Add some colour and fun to your products with this amazing glow in the dark effect.

​Glow in the dark stickers are a hardwearing, waterproof glow in the dark sticker solution that’s great for children!
Children will adore fantastic glow in the dark stickers, perfect for rewarding excellent work or impeccable behaviour.

Glow in the dark stickers can be used for various reasons; they can be used for door handles, marking light switches, telephone, TV remote control panels, stairs, rescue equipment, stages and any home decor.

Also they can be used on cars, motorcycles, helmets, bicycles and skateboards.

Stickers can be luminous in the darkness after absorbing about 20 minutes natural sun light or any other artificial lights. And it will glow for several hours and make you see things clearly in low visibility condition (brightness will be weaker and weaker as time goes by).