Dogs help to heal invisible wounds.

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We have teamed up with the military charity Bravehound to create a co-branded spirit. Having met, when both parties were receiving their Silver Employment Recognition Award through the Armed Forces Covenant, a chord was struck. G.H.Q. recognises the qualities veterans bring to the workplace, their can-do attitude and work ethic. We are equally passionate about the need to support those who carry invisible wounds from their experiences during military service. For every bottle sold a £10 donation will go to the charity.

Bravehound provides assistance dogs to veterans who have a clinical diagnosis of a mental health condition such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression and anxiety. BRAVEHOUND is committed to the long term welfare of each BRAVEHOUND dog and the veteran they have been partnered with over the dog’s lifetime.

BRAVEHOUND supports military veterans from all three branches of the armed forces who live with mental health and physical injury as result of their military service. They provide assistance dogs and all of the required training over each dog’s lifetime. BRAVEHOUND assistance dogs transform and save lives.

Huge thanks to Flexi-Hex and Will Boex ,Claire Logan and VETROelite S.p.A. , Andrew Mansfield and HarkwellLost Loch Spirits Ltd , Mark Ross and Windmill Printing , Michelle McKearnon and Highland RFCA, and Fiona MacDonald and BRAVEHOUND .

Registered Scottish military charity SC043908



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