Flexible pouches are single-use bags commonly made of metal foil, plastic, and occasionally, paper. They are used for packaging everything from snack foods to industrial liquids and are commonly found on supermarket shelves across the globe.



The Spouted Pouch is one of the most popular pouches packaging items used in the retail industries for packing liquid or viscous products. Available with a range of pouches and designed specifically to provide powerful branding and attractive product presentation, the spouted pouch is flexible for use across a wide range of markets from food and drink to chemicals and cosmetics.


Just as the name suggests, stand up pouches are form of flexible packaging can stand alone and is regarded as the best light weight display packaging option for many products both food and non-food. Thanks to the folded gusset, at the bottom stand up pouches remain steady on the shelf when filled.


This is a lay-flat form of flexible packaging heat-sealed on three sides without a gusset. We can produce these in a range of materials and sizes suitable for food and non-food products.

Pillow pouches are very economical forms of packaging, vastly used in the market. These pouches are created with the shape of a pillow and consist of a bottom, top and back seal.

Do your pouches require a resealable zipper? Tear notch? Euroslot? At Harkwell we can create pouches with a wide range of additional features to suit the product and brand requirements.


Our Services include the production of pouches from start to finish. We can provide flexible packaging options for various markets and products in a variety of material choices and finishes, including embellishments and sealing methods. Concept proofing – Short runs of products showing variations in images, finishes and materials. This will provide you with samples of your order without committing to full production. White label packaging and invoicing. As a supplier we will package, ship and invoice without any Harkwell branding. If supplied, we can use your own branding.

Materials: 100% Recyclable, compostable or standard triplex barrier materials requiring specialist recycling options are available Finishes: Gloss, Matt and Soft touch. Quantities: We offer large or small pouch quantities. Keeping the same size and material spec enables you to mix and match kinds and spread the cost over all products with no origination costs. Sustainable Packaging: At Harkwell we are passionate about providing sustainable solutions to meet your packaging needs. We provide flexible packaging products that provide alternative solutions to traditional packaging methods. By design, flexible packaging pouches have a much reduced impact on the environment compared to rigid packaging.

Pouch Specifications

Material Barrier Finish Use Good for
PET/ALU/PE Ultra High Silver Spouted & Non Spouted Pouches

High alcohol content drinks

Long shelf life dry tea / coffee

Dehydrated food & beverages

METPET/PE High Silver Spouted & Non Spouted Pouches

Dry pet food

Personal Care products

Powder detergent

Meat and fish

PET/PEVOH High Clear/White Spouted & Non Spouted Pouches

Dried fruit & nuts

Personal care products

Powder detergent

Meat & fish

PET/PE Medium/Low Clear Non Spouted Pouches

Non degradable foods


Synthetic materials

Garden products

PE/PEEVOH High Clear Non Spouted Pouches

Dried fruit & nuts

Personal care products

Powder detergent

Meat & fish

METOPP High Silver Flow Wrap / Printed Film

Long life shelf snacks



Cereal bars

BOPP Low White Flow Wrap / Printed Film

Pet treats

Short shelf life dry snacks

Non degradable lightweight products


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