Label Printing And Colour Matching

Colour matching is the process of scientific measurement of colour values using special metric equipment, standard universal colour values, and a print technology that allows for accurate colour density with a range of process colours. Most printers employ a CMYK print technology to get a range of colours that can be made by combining Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. This can limit the number of colour combinations available, losing the richest and brightest green, orange and violet tones.

At Harkwell, we employ a CMYK+OVG print technology that means we can accurately reproduce more than 99% of the Pantone colour system and many more custom shades in-between. Only a handful of printers in the country even employ this technology, and our systems are upgraded to the most advanced HP Indigo server versions, making them industry leading technology.

By pairing this cutting edge print technology with colour spectrometry we can measure and maintain a perfect visual match for nearly any colour sample taken from a physical or digital model. Additionally, for your quality assurance, wet proofs can be supplied to ensure complete customer satisfaction and approval.

This means your valuable designs will not be compromised by inconsistencies and your brand can remain unaltered even when switching to us from another supplier.

Take a look at our studio and print room to see more of the equipment and technology behind some of the most advanced digital label printing in the country.